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Farmers who are in debt to 'Anchor Borrowers' are in a difficult situation

 Farmers who are in debt to 'Anchor Borrowers' are in a difficult situation The 'Anchor Borrowers' agricultural loan program...

 Farmers who are in debt to 'Anchor Borrowers' are in a difficult situation

The 'Anchor Borrowers' agricultural loan program, which was created by the Central Bank of Nigeria with its leadership, in order to further develop the agricultural sector in Nigeria, has faced a serious setback, as a result of the refusal to return the money that the farmers have made as a loan. .

This behavior of refusing to pay these fees by some of the Farmers who benefited from the program, caused other Farmers who did not benefit from the program to get this loan, which put them in a difficult situation.

Out of the 1.1 trillion Naira, which the Central Bank of Nigeria distributed to Farmers as loans, since the establishment of this program, less than 546 billion Naira have been recovered, where about 577 billion Naira, stuck in the hands of the Farmers and refused restore them.

These large sums of money are stuck in the hands of the Investment Banks, State Governments, Farmers' Associations, individuals, and companies, which has angered the President's Office and stated that this has resulted in failure to achieve the set goals. in front of the main purpose of the program.

A powerful source testified to the Banguard newspaper that President Kasa Bola Ahmed Tinubu was briefed on the matter, where he expressed his displeasure at those who benefited from the program and refused to return the money given to them. as a loan. According to him, if they had returned these funds, there is a possibility that those who did not get it, would also get it.

In addition, one of the security agencies stated that Tinubu ordered to take all necessary measures to recover these funds from those who benefited from them, and they refused to return from now until September 18, 2023, especially so that the actual Farmers can benefit from them, that there will be plenty of food across this country.

In the same way, the president was also told that the Central Bank of Nigeria with its thugs, diverted about 255 million naira, which should be distributed to other farmers who did not get it.

In addition, banks and other organizations have been accused of embezzling 255 million naira, which was taken from the beneficiaries of this loan, but they refused to hand over these funds to the Central Bank.

In addition, some of those who benefited from the loan, refused to return it and claimed that they have cultivated but did not get any dividend, where they need to be given another one. 'adin, to repay the loan to the Central Bank of Nigeria.

Security officials have already started to charge some of the Bank Managers for the confusion of refusing to return these loan funds, most of them have confessed to violating the rules established to return the loan money.

Some of the organizations that have benefited from the loan under the 'Anchor Borrowers' program, include the Maize Farmers Association, Soy Beans and Cotton Farmers.

Also, the investigation of the Banguard Newspaper has again shown that the Maize Farmers Association received a loan of 39 billion naira from the Central Bank of Nigeria, under this program of 'Anchor Borrowers'.

In the same way, the Cotton Farmers Union received a loan of 14 billion naira, and returned 5 billion naira from it.

Until today, efforts were made to hear from the spokesperson of the security agencies in Abuja on the order given by the President to collect these funds, but he did not say anything.

Likewise, the Spokesperson of the DSS, Dr. Peter Afunanya; when he was contacted to hear from him, he did not say a word, but he said, the issue of issuing the President's order; is nothing new for the National Security Agency.

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