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The truth is revealed about the emergence of women who drink blood

 The truth is revealed about the emergence of women who drink blood Since the end of August, there have been rumors of the appearance of som...

 The truth is revealed about the emergence of women who drink blood

Since the end of August, there have been rumors of the appearance of some women entering people's houses who are called 'blood drinkers' in some parts of the North, especially Kano State.

It is said that these people are walking from house to house when you have to make sure that the men are not at home, where once they enter, the first thing they ask for is to help them with drinking water or something, which they would have been helped with. and what they needed, then the one who gave the help was seen to have cut her body and fell, and then the situation led to her losing her life.

The people who spread the words said that this kind of incident happened in different neighborhoods in Kano City.

In some videos circulating in modern media, it is seen how these women are beaten when they are arrested, and when they are questioned, they fail to give a satisfactory answer that will make people understand the truth of the situation. .

A similar situation was found in the districts of Hotoro, Zango, Rijiyar Lemo, Gwagwarwa, Kwana Hudu Medile, and other districts in the city of Kano.

Apart from that, there is a video that is circulating of some village women who are shown being questioned by some young people, but their words are not like those of Kano State, they are people of Sokoto.

Then there is a video of a lady of God whose case concerns her daughter who is less than a year old, where the mother is explaining how she lost her daughter in such a way.

By the way, there is a voice that is circulating on WhatsApp, where someone is urging people to be careful with other people who send 155-155 numbers to people, where the voice says "after these numbers are sent to you, someone He called you later and told you that "our father made a mistake in sending you a postcard, please send them to me when you see him." After you forwarded it to him, he forwarded the number to the person who said it was his father, and he told you that our father will call you, then you will hear that you have been called, and when he calls, he will tell you to shut up. Your eyes will pray for you and keep saying Amen, once he starts saying Amen, you will cut your body and fall, that's when they gave your blood," he said.

There are seven such videos that are still circulating on social media.

According to LEADERSHIP Hausa, there was a story like this from Kankara area in Katsina State, where it was said that an old woman entered a house and asked for help with water to enter the bathroom. hardly the wife of the house fell. According to the story, blood started to flow from the woman's body, then the stranger took the way out of the house on the way out and met the woman's husband, since he did not know what was happening, he let her go. when he entered the house, he found his wife covered in blood, so he ran back, asked for the community's help and the woman was arrested. After questioning her, she revealed that 100 of them were sent to Katsina State, now nine of them have been killed, she is the tenth. Our source said.

In Kano, there was a similar story in Gadon Gaya area. A householder said that his wife called him while he was in the market, she informed him that a woman knocked on his house and his wife opened the middle door where the stranger tried to enter the house, then his wife closed the middle door, saying that According to the story, the woman and her guests looked through the roof of the house and heard the woman answering the phone saying that they even closed the house and prevented her from entering the house.

In the neighborhood of Hotoro last Saturday morning, it was said that an old woman met a girl who was about ten to twelve years old with a child in her arms who was about one year old. the boy started struggling before you said kobo some people on the other side came and helped you, immediately the old woman gave up her life, she was successfully arrested and handed over to the police station in Hotoro. But according to the story, after taking the boy to the hospital, his life changed

The incident happened in Kwana Hudu area, Sheka Sabuwa Abuja in Kumbotso Local Government Area and other places.

As a result of the situation in the community, LEADERSHIP Hausa conducted a discussion program through Twitter Space, where it invited the spokesperson of the police, Kano State branch, SP Haruna Abdullahi Kiyawa and an expert trainer in solving social problems. , the head of the Nurul Huda Institute, Hajiya Binta Shehu Bamalli to resolve the issue.

In his speech, SP Haruna confirmed this rumor where he said that their team has already launched an investigation, saying, "We have received 14 reports in 5 days of covering up women and accusing them of being bloodthirsty." It's like in Hotoro neighborhood there were three, Zango 4," he said.

He then said that the Kano State Police has managed to arrest eight people suspected of beating ir

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